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It has been leak once again. :O And TOO early I think.

HOLIDAYS IN THE SUN is a diversed, varied album from YUI. I've read lots of comments saying that her previous album tracks sounded alike (though I can't see/hear where they are coming from) -- but now YUI offers a varied selection of songs ranging from pop to rock, acoustics to even musical-theme.


Tracks and Short Reviews:

# 1: to Mother
- From the recent single of YUI released last June and the first piano-based song from YUI. A song about her special person, her Mother, the song is a soft and touching ballad.

# 2: again
- again is the title song of YUI's comeback single in 2009 (after her hiatus). This song was used as the first opening song of "Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood" and mixes soft and hard-hitting notes/melodies making it one of the biggest rock song of YUI.

# 3: Parade
- This was initially aired in YUI Radio #46 as a preview and was aired full in YUI LOCKS last week. With guitar solos in between the verses/chorus that are pleasant to the ears, this song about secret love and meeting in Parade/s has a laid-back feeling contrasting the rock feel of the previous song.

# 4:
- Title was coined from Enoshima esca-, an escalator. With this song, the album is back on its rock sound -- the song utilizes electric guitar tunes, drum sounds and violin/orchestra background that builds up the rhythm of the song. Full song not yet out.

# 5: Shake My Heart
- A first from YUI - Shake My Heart is a musical/theatre-inspired song from YUI. The song surprises us with a chorus/choir background/second voice and horns/trumpets/vuvulezas/tambourine/shaker in the chorus part of the song. The initial overall feeling of the song is similar to praise songs -- which delivers a solemn and relax feeling. Full song not yet out.

- GLORIA is a song that YUI made based on student pledges sent to Benesse and the title song of her first single this 2010. It has a catchy melody and lyrics (yai yai yai yai) as expected from YUI and gives a sense of encouragement. The sudden softening of the sound and YUI's voice in the bridge sounds really really nice.

# 7: I do it
- First cover from YUI that was officially released. YUI composed the melody of this song for Stereopony and AIMI made the lyrics. Stereopony released it as a single last 2009. This 2010, YUI released her own version exploring a same melody but a different attack -- in which she owns the song the same as Stereopony owns their own version. Aside from the vocals, the evident change from the earlier version is the guitar solo. You have to listen to it.

# 8: Please Stay With Me
- This was the very first song that was aired after the album announcement, besides from the usual single songs. PSWM (as abbreviated) is a gloomy and sad song but coupled with YUI's lovely vocals and guitar sound, new/different and exemplifies the mysterious lonely feeling of the song. This is also the only non-single song that has an MV - which was recently released.

# 9: Summer Song
- 2008 Single song from YUI, the last single she released before she called for a hiatus. As the title suggests, its a catchy pop summer-theme song accompanied by YUI's soft endearing voice.

# 10: Cinnamon
- Cinnamon is the tenth track in the album and only a preview was aired. The song sounds like some band song (similar to SCANDAL or AKFG perhaps). Contrasting the simpleness of the title, YUI explores a different tune/melody yet again for this song.

# 11: Driving Happy Life
- This song was made a little bit after YUI got her car permit. This is a happy pop-rock song that makes you want to listen to it while driving, which ironically what the title suggests. YUI even mentions GASOLINE STAND (Jam) and I LOVED YESTERDAY here. Sweet~

# 12: It's all too much
- Along side with Never say die, It's all too much was used as the theme song of Kaiji the Movie. YUI experiments with various sounds and with a climatic and dragging bridge and ending.

# 13: Kiss me
- A soft track ends the album titled Kiss me. A straight-forward title but inscribed with a profound explanation from YUI, this song is mid-tempo pop song -- with the right blend of lyrics and music to wrap a magnificent album.

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